We are Varno.
We are passionate about creating solutions that compliment the human’s unique footprint on the world.

Our Goals

We believe that children are our future. Giving them the right type of care and attention is vital for their growth. Traditional class systems are solely dependant on the teacher’s mindset and focus, which isn’t consistant. While we believe that no AI can replace the human touch, we believe that it goes hand in hand with them. Thus, our AI technology is focused on helping the teacher focus on the important tasks, tasks that need a speial human touch while it takes care of repetative, non productive tasks.

Our Vision

We envision a future where daycare centers around the world use our simple, easy-to-use tools to create a more efficient and enjoyable experience for both educators and families. By incorporating our AI-powered solutions, we aim to make everyday tasks smoother and faster, so teachers can spend more time with the children and parents can stay informed and engaged.

Key Facts

AI Helpers

At Varno, we have developed several helpful AI tools:

Clair: Manages attendance, helps with meal plans for children with allergies, and shares photos with parents.
Regina: Handles important documents and ensures everything meets regulations.
Eddy: Creates fun and educational activities tailored to each child’s needs.
Finn: Manages billing and financial tasks to keep everything running smoothly.

Child Care Statistics

Did you know that about 59% of children under five are in some form of non-parental care every week? Most of these children (62%) are in daycares or preschools, showing just how important it is to have reliable, high-quality childcare​​.

Financial Impact

The child care sector in the U.S. faces challenges like high demand and limited supply. Varno helps address these issues by making high-quality childcare more accessible and affordable​​.

Investment and Growth

Even in tough economic times, early-stage startups like Varno continue to receive strong support from investors. This confidence is a testament to the innovative solutions we offer​​.

Competitive Edge

Unlike other daycare management tools, Varno’s automated solutions take care of the majority of daily tasks. This means our users spend much less time operating the tool, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: caring for and educating children​​.


Islam Mansour

CEO and Founder

Ahmad Fadila

CTO and Founder

Marwan Taha



Susan Graham

Early Education Expert

Eran Savir

Advisory Board